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  • Content Marketing & Amplification

    Take your business and market the unique story you have. Not sure what that is? That is where we can build out this process for you. We offer a couple of options. Teach you to fish or fish for you. Take your pick but just know that this is really powerful...

  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    If you are a brick and mortar storefront and do not show up in a search for your "keywords" especially in the local area you are in then you are missing out on so many potential customers and so much potential profit. Get those customers...

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization

    Looking for a broader audience or selling online? Then you need to cast a wider net. All of our search engine optimization methods are clean and will never result in a google penalty. We focus on the right selection of converting "keywords" and then build...

  • Our Strategy and Thought Leadership

    Over 9 Profit Erupting Thought Leadership business processes to help you achieve the results that we do both in business and in SEO. We spare no details while we let you walk behind the curtains and see exactly how we grew, grow, and manage our business...


Check out our Story

During the summer between their 9th (kam) and 10th (j-rob) high school year, this tag team of teenage titans have a plan. The plan comes from reading a few blog post from Neil Patel, a book from Tim Ferriss, and an idea from J-Rob’s dad (Will Robins) which planted a seed for them to create a business while teenagers in high school and then growing that business as large as possible. Looking at school and realizing that it (high school) is not really adding anything to what they would need to be an entrepreneur or small business owner when they graduated college, the two boys realized that they wanted to learn (would need to take it to) another level in their adventure and could only do this by gaining wisdom through understanding the process from personal experience.

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Our Dedicated Team


Hi, I'm Will. I have a real passion for business and helping others gain personal freedom from growing their business. We look forward to working with yours


Basketball player and a budding Entrepreneur. Looking forward to growing your business and helping you get more ROI out of your digital marketing.


Music Enthusiast, Content Writer, and digital entrepreneur. Gains a real sense of helping another business out as he does the research needed to make great content in content marketing campaigns for your company.

Bookkeeper, Accountant

Diligent and hardworking mother of 2 that helps organize everything in the company.

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Our Features


Analyze where your strengths and weaknesses are.


Make sure that if traffic comes to the site it will convert into a return.

Content SEO

The base to organic search. We build compelling content and then amplify it to your perfect audience.


We make sure we can both see that we are hitting the goals for the campaign through proper reporting.

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