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The most important thing to any business is customers. The customer has to be on your mind all day every day. If you are the owner then you know you have internal (employees) and external (consumers of your product or service) as customers. Loose focus of that for a moment and you are no longer in business.

The tragedy for most businesses is that there are people every day searching for them. They are looking for your service. They just don’t know you exist or how to find you. When you think about your customer first you place the keywords they are looking for and get yourself into a Dominant Link Position for them to notice and contact you.

We believe in that same laser like focus and we take it on your site. By understanding the important factors that cause a site to Rank above another one and being able to articulate that to every customer we know you will see the Dominant Link Difference in your business.

The first step is that we start with a clean sweep to go over all current important factors.

We put on our “Google Glasses” and look at your webpage and see it in the eyes of the search engines:

Complete Keyword Analyses – We look at Keywords on site, in links that are pointing to your site, and keywords that make sense for your “buying” customers to be typing in on Search Engines. We make sure the Keyword Plan is perfect and will lead to buying customers coming to your site if we ranked for that word. Becoming the Dominant Link of a bad keyword is not something we let happen to our customers.

Complete Link Profiling – We take a look at the current if any links that are pointing to your site from external domains. We take special attention to the high page rank and high authority links. We want to complete a Dominant Link approach and that means knowing what you currently have against you or in your favor.

Complete On Site SEO – One of the most overlooked and most important factors is perfect on site optimization. By having the right content and the right link structuring on-site you will find that you can often improve your rankings just by getting the Dominant Link On Site SEO treatment and our top secret bag O’ tricks on your side.

Competition Analyses – We now take the keywords and look over all of them as well as see the leaders that are already in a position we want to overtake. We then look at their current link profile and see what their strategy is. We then take all this information and formulate the DOMINANT LINK GAME PLAN.

GAME TIME GAME PLAN – Now you have a strategy for creating the correct content, the correct targeted keywords, the correct on site optimization, and you are ready to start building towards you number one position Dominant Link on top of the Search Engines.

Start your way to having a Dominant Link on top of Google and other search engines. Let’s begin and Rank Your Site ASAP. You deserve that blueprint and a true Game Plan and not all this fluff that the other guys put out.


To begin let’s start with an onsite quick overview by an SEO professional.

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