Are you paying monthly for SEO?
It may surprise you to learn that you don’t need all of those backlinks to get the results you’re currently getting.


Are you paying thousands for SEO?

It may surprise you to learn that you don’t need all of those backlinks to get the results you’re currently getting.

You can get the ranking and traffic you’re probably getting now through the fundamental, foundational optimization that a SHOCKINGLY HIGH percentage of SEO experts are not doing.

I’m Will Robins, Founder of Dominant Link SEO, and if you’ll stick with me for a moment, here I’ll explain how you could get a whole lot more bang for your buck when it comes to SEO, by doing the one thing that most businesses ignorantly skip.

I don’t say that to be rude. They just don’t know. In fact, most of the big businesses that pay big, fancy SEO consultants BIG BUCKS, are also completely ignorant about the foundation of optimization for search engines.

I’ll never argue that backlinks aren’t effective. They are. But they’re 50 times MORE effective when you have the foundation right.

Optimizing your website so that the search engines can find your content easily is really about organization.

You could get MUCH BETTER RESULTS from all the backlinks you’re paying for if your sight was organized properly.

Maybe you’ve heard this before and assume that of course, your current SEO services has taken care of this important detail. NOT LIKELY!

It may surprise you to learn that most websites are NOT organized properly. Most websites are so poorly organized behind the public wall that the search engine robots can’t find what they need when they need it.

Are you working with a WordPress website? So many businesses have their websites built on the WordPress platform.

While WordPress websites might be nice for humans to look at, the search engine robots find them terribly confusing.

The best way to organize website content is through what’s called “silos.” They work just like a physical silo filled with grain. They are containers in which a site’s content may be stored and organized.

Think of it like a website dedicated to jelly beans. You can have a jar (website) full of jellybeans that are all different colors and flavors. This way is unorganized and difficult for search engine robots to find information on, for example, orange flavored jellybeans … and so, your site won’t rank.

You could try having several different jars (separate websites) for each different color and flavor, but that would be quite difficult to manage and not nearly as profitable. The person who looks for orange jellybeans may also want black ones and in that case they’d have to go to a whole other website to get them. Not good.

But, if you organize those jellybeans into categories that make sense and make the varieties you offer easy to find through the careful organization of those jelly beans into silos, the search engine robots will be able to find that content in a FLASH!


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